Children’s Books

Children’s Books

Beautiful Ballerina with photographs by Susan KuklinBeautiful Ballerina
Written by Marilyn Nelson.
Families by Susan Kukliln

Oldies but Goodies

These books are out-of-print, but many are available from online retailers and at your local library.

Dance [co-authored with Bill T. Jones]
Riverbank Review Book of the Year, 1999
Boston Globe-Hornbook Award honor, picture book
Charlotte Zolotow Award, highly recommended
New York Public Library Best of the Year, 1999
New York Public Library Best Young Adult Book of the Year, 1999Fighting Fires

Fireworks: The Science, The Art, and The Magic
American Booksellers Pick of the List, 1996

From Head to Toe: How a Doll Is Made
American Booksellers Pick of the List, 1994
Bulletin Blue Ribbon, Center for Children’s Books

From Wall to Wall

Going to My Ballet Class

Going to My Gym Class

Going to My Nursery School

Harlem Nutcracker [co-authored with choreographer Donald Byrd]

Hoops with Swoops
Parent’s Guide Children’s Media Award, 2001

Kodomo: Children of Japan

The Story of Nim, A Chimp Who Learned Language [written by Ana Michel]
National Science Teacher’s Association Award for Illustration, 1980

Taking My Cat to the Vet
Taking My Dog to the Vet

When I See My Doctor
When I See My Dentist
American Booksellers Pick of the List, 1988
Science Books & Films Best List, 1989